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Application Broker SE

Application Broker SE

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The Application Broker provides a mechanism for you to develop a single-source solution, and deploy your applications internally on a LAN or for access via a browser over the internet. This edition features a brand new hi-performance multi-threaded socket engine, built-in SSL support, installs and runs as a Service and has remote administration.

The SE edition offers several advantages; the internal socket engine is multi-threaded, so it can handle multiple user requests simultaneously.Each connection has a thread dedicated to handling requests and responses. It has built-in support for SSL, and you can use the free OpenSSL tool kit to create your own secure certificate. It runs as a service, so it automatically starts whenever the server machine is restarted, and as an OS service it is inherently more reliable than a regular executable.

*** compatible with Clarion versions prior to Clarion 10

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